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  wet towel dispenser MATE
1. Economical
  - Much more economical than any other wet tissue
  - Reduced service cost and higher customer satisfaction through self serve operation
  - Drastic reduction of water and dry napkin consumption
2. Hygienic
  - More hygienic than pre-packaged wet tissue as tissue is wetted with preservstive-free water just prior to its dispense
  - Tissue used is perfectly safe to human skin and food.
It is both FDA and KFDA approved
3. Easy to Use
  - Adjustable tissue length and wetness
  - Warm tissue possible by rasing water temperature
  - Up to 460 dispenses with one roll of tissue
  - Dispense speed is 1 second/tissue
4. Environmentally Friendly
  - 100% natural pulp tissue used decompose readily
  - No vinyl packing to dispose
5. Dependable
  - Proven durability, ease of use and effcient design through 7 years of international usage
  - Power source: AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
- Powerconsumption: 30W(Max 180W)
- Tissue type: Non florescent 100% natural pulp
- Tissue dispense: Forward, cut, dispense
- Moisture supply: Water reservoir
- Dimensions(WxDxH): 285 X 460 X 260mm
- Weight: Apporx. 12kg
  - Read the instruction manual thoroughly before operating this unit.
- Check the voltage of power supply before connecting.
- Use the tissue roll designated by the manufacturer(Clean Towel)
- Do not add any additive to the other than the additive supplied by the manufacturer
- The breakage or malfuncton due to misuse or mishandling is not covered under the warrantee.
- Clean inside and outside of the unit regularly using neutral detergent.
- Installed by our skilled installer
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